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We LOVE Key Traveler! We simply would not consider for a nano-second using anyone other than the Silvermans for all of our travel arrangements. And, we tell anyone who will listen that they should do likewise.

Jo Ann M.

Just got home from our Oceania cruise on the Nautica- Black Sea. The trip surpassed my expectations...Thank you again for your assistance. 
Delaine U.
Thanks so much for the "welcome home" call. That was a nice surprise!!! You have been so gracious and kind all along the way and patient with my questions, etc. and we thank you so very, very much.
Jan and JR
Bob and I had such a marvelous time on our trip from Paris to Istanbul this spring...I would not hesitate to recommend your expertise to anyone wishing to plan a vacation.
Kathy S.
It was a lucky day when I found you and Key Traveler!  So glad that you were recommended to me!
Bridget J.
I want to thank you both for the way that you have taken care of by bookings with Oceania...You are always willing to take on difficult projects and challenges, and always  have  a super positive attitude. Working with both of you is a real pleasure.
Paul K.