Mediterranean Cruises and Excursions

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A cruise and tour vacation through the Mediterranean Sea offers a buffet of sights and sounds, aromas and tastes, the pageant of history and allows the feelings of exhilaration like none other. Explore the vistas of the scenic Amalfi Coast, and the sparkling blue waters of the Greek Isles. Partake in the finest wines of Provence and Tuscany. Discover the charms of Barcelona and the sun-kissed Cote del Sol. Sail the Byzantine blue waters of the Aegaen and explore the citadels of crusading knights from the Holy Land to Rhodes.. Your Mediterranean vacation is “timeless beauty” of old and new.

Most travelers combine a Mediterranean cruise with excursions through the cruise line or private guided tours. Or, you can wander off on your own.

Highlights of any Mediterranean cruise vacation should include the wonders of the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market in Istanbul, the Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, the David in Florence, the Grand Casino and Castle in Monte Carlo, the ruins of Ephesus in Turkey, the remains in Pompeii - just to name a few. Whether you travel by cruise ship, escorted tour, or private guided vacation, you are sure to return time and again.