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Hurtigruten Cruises

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From Norwegian cruises to Antarctica Cruises, Hurtigruten offers you educational voyages filled with cultural expeditions to enriching destinations. Small ship Hurtigruten cruises allow an “up close and personal experience,” traveling to destinations reserved only for adventure travelers.

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Spectacular Splitsburg Cruises on Hurtigruten
Go to the last wilderness of Europe, rich in unspoiled nature and wildlife with glaciers, whales, seals and abundant birdlife, and rare Arctic flowers.

Greenland Expedition Cruises on Hurtigruten
These expeditions bring you to the world’s most active glaciers; experience calving of icebergs and close contact with the local Inuit population while providing cultural and historic insight through excursions and lectures.

Antartic Cruise Adventures on Hurtiguten
Explore “The White Continent.” Sail across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula, taking in the glaciers and icebergs, penguins, whales, and seals as well as Chile’s fjords, snow-capped mountains and fishing villages.

Hurtigruten small ship adventure cruises are the ultimate travel experience for travelers looking to explore the Norwegian Coast, Antartica and Greenland.

Windows on the World
Hurtigruten cruises are more than luxury vessels to beautiful destinations; they are windows on the world of exploration, knowledge, education and adventure. From Norwegian cruises along Norway’s dramatic 1,250-mile west coast with dramatic travel above the Arctic Circle, to the world’s most active glaciers of Greenland and trips from one end of Europe to the other, Hurtigruten offers you adventures of a lifetime.

*Closeouts, groups, special interest bookings, special conditions imposed by the cruise lines may be excluded. Please check with the cruise line or tour company websites or brochures for their terms and conditions.