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Do you want an intimate travel experience? Then it’s time to start planning your small ship cruise. With so many options, from ships ranging from 48 to 700 guests and sailing all around the globe, we are sure to have the perfect small ship cruise for all your travel wants and desires.

All you need to do is select your destination, travel month, and cruise company into our Travel Search Box to search cruises. Your Key Traveler small ship cruise specialists will then do the rest and help you find all possible money-saving options. Our exclusive travel deals include early-bird specials, two-for-ones, last minute markdowns, cut-rate promotions, and countless other unpublished discounts.

Small ships cruises can take you to new and exciting places where big ships cannot. Not to mention, traveling with a couple hundred (or fewer) passengers instead of a couple thousand (or more) grants you a more in-depth experience, less wait times, docks closer to towns, and more. Small ships cruises don’t cater to cruisers. Small ship cruises cater to travelers. F

Take the first step towards a vacation unlike any other by contacting one of our river cruise specialists today.

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