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Whether visiting Greece by land or the Greek Isles by sea, you will be rewarded with some of most beautiful and historic sites in all of Europe. Relive the glory of ancient Greece in the ruins of the Parthenon, which has lorded over Athens for nearly 2,500 years. While Santorini is recognized first and foremost for natural beauty, don’t overlook some of the most velvety wines from the region. Walk along the narrow streets of Thera or visit the village of Oia for panoramic views of breathtaking beauty. View the magnificent harbor overlooking the village of Mykonos. Sail across the harbor to the delightful town of Delos. Stand where the Colossus of Rhodes once towered over the entrance to the harbor. Wander over the 14th century castle in Limassol that is now home to the Cyprus Medieval Museum and its collection of rare armor, coins and statuary.

Greece and the Greek Isles remain as one of the highlights of vacations for tourists as well as locals. Take an excursion to Delphi, the ancient center of the world. Extend your stay in Greece to visit Vouliagmeni on the Athenaeum Riviera, the seaside town of Nafplion or combine your visit to nearby stays in Cyprus, Rome, Cairo, Istanbul and Israel and the Holy Land.