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For many, Antarctica is the ultimate destination. Rapidly changing ice conditions make it a challenging environment in which to travel. Often, seeing a 40-ton humpback whale surface next to an Antarctic cruise ship leaves travelers speechless. Antarctica voyages such as a kayak ride amid towering icebergs under a bright sun, learning how climate changes affect penguin populations from Antarctica naturalists, watching video from a dive 1,000 down, where you be looking at parts of the Earth rarely seen before, will bring memories lasting a lifetime.

While on your Antarctica cruise and tour, you may want to extend your adventure vacation by visiting Iguazu Falls, the Mendoza Wine Country or Easter Island.

For most travelers, visiting the “White Continent” is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You may want to take the time by optimizing your Antarctica experience by traveling to South Georgia where you may see 300,000 penguins on a single beach, and the Falklands human history and amazing bird colonies.