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Europe vacations offer a large diversity of cruise packages, including ocean cruises, river cruises, adventure cruises and small yacht cruises.

Your Europe cruise offers travelers wonderful options to the Western Mediterranean and the Rivieras, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea, Scandinavia, the Northern Capitols, Russia, the British Isles, and Continental Europe. Overnight in legendary Venice. Linger on the beach in chic Saint-Tropez. Meander through the medieval heart of Dubrovnik, Delight in a hearty paella diner in a seaside café in Barcelona. Roam the Tuscan countryside. Relive the glory of ancient Greece. Tour the remains of Histria, the oldest and largest archaeological site in Romania. Behold the Art Nouveau architecture of Riga. Cruise Norway’s fabled and majestic fjords. Raise a pint of brew in Dublin pub. Watch the artisans in the old town of Tallinn craft quilts. Browse the Stone Age exhibitions in the National Museum of Finland. Admire Rembrandt’s controversial painting in Copenhagen. Spend a reflective moment in St. Petersburg’s historic Palace Square and then stroll over to the fabled Winter Palace. Your Europe vacation has endless possibilities.