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Vacations to the Mediterranean span from Seville on the south coast of Spain to Rome, Italy. Traveling the Mediterranean across the narrow stretch of water between Spain and North Africa, visit Tangier, Morocco. As you head east and north on your Mediterranean voyage, your trip continues to Alicante, Spain, home to Europe’s most extensive palm groves and a fascinating archaeological museum. Barcelona, Spain is considered a highlight of any Mediterranean trip, featuring the surreal works of art such as Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia and the city center district of La Rambla. Monte Carlo in Monaco is a relatively short ride from the port of Nice in the south of France. The end of your voyage is Italy, considered by many as a vacation of its own.

The lesser known town of Portovernere is on the northern coast, once a haunt of Lord Byron. Heading south on the coast of Italy is Livorno, the Gateway to Tuscany. Spend a day in Florence. Explore Lucca, a beautiful walled city. Wonder at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A fitting finale to your Mediterranean vacation is Rome, home of the Vatican City, Circus Maximus, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Roman Forum.