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The ancient lands of the Middle East are abundant in timeless treasures, hidden secrets, epic tales and lost civilizations. Experience the innovative Dubai, the Holy Lands of Israel and Jordan, the timeless treasures of Egypt and the Nile.

Steeped in history and an epicenter of spiritualism and the birthplace of various religions, the Middle East can move your soul to unimaginable places. From Jerusalem’s Old City, the Dead Sea and Masada to the Sea of Galilee and Tel Aviv, the elegant Abu Dhabi, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the glamor and tradition of Luxor, the fabled rose red city of Petra, endless possibilities await the adventurous traveler to experience the history, and delights of your Middle East vacation.

Travel to the Middle East can be a part or all of an all-inclusive cruise trip, an escorted tour with a group of like-minded travelers or the flexibility and freedom to enjoy the Middle East vacation on a custom-arranged vacation.