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Endless possibilities await you on your South America vacation. Discover Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, a modern metropolis with a distinctly European panache. Explore Chile, where thousand year old ice fields meet the Andes Mountains. On the Atlantic Coast, discover Brazil and the breathtaking Iguassu Falls. From Machu Picchu to Lima, Peru comes alive with timeless wonders.

South America land vacations are most often arranged with escorted local guides, experts in each area your journey takes you. For a “pack and unpack once vacation,” take a South America cruise from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires. Or an extended Amazon cruise around the “Cape” through Ushuaia and Punta Arenas then up the west coast all the way to Valparaiso may suit you better. Your vacation to South America serves to highlight the remarkable contrasts this continent has to offer, from the highest peaks of the snow-covered Andes to the golden plains of Patagonia.