Escorted Land Tours

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So what’s the difference between the $1,199 tour and the $3,999 tour, or even a $10,000 tour, if they’re all 10 days to the same destination?
One needs to look at various factors in evaluating escorted tours: quality of accommodations, size of group, meals included, sightseeing included and other factors. There’s no reason to overpay for “more” than what you would enjoy or feel comfortable with. Not every traveler is comfortable in a five-star resort, and likewise, not everyone would be comfortable in a three-star budget hotel on the outskirts of a city.  Our travel experts can help you differentiate among tours, and discuss with you which may be best suited to your needs.
Quality and location of accommodations:  First class escorted tours such as Tauck Tours and Abercrombie & Kent will stay in five-star hotels and resorts, or in some cases, such as Globus and Collette Vacations, four-star or best available hotels (depending on what the destination offers). Your comfort and a good night’s sleep is important, and on a budget tour, you're less likely to have the more comfortable bed, quality bedding, and insulated room that help to ensure a good night’s sleep and your personal comforts. Not everyone requires marble bathrooms, quality amenities, plasma televisions, and cutting edge beds and bedding, of course. You can expect the level of service and services available in a deluxe property to be, for the most part, far more refined than at a budget hotel.
Generally, more expensive tours such as Tauck and Abercrombie & Kent will utilize more centrally located hotels, which cost more than comparable hotels aways from the city center. For those that enjoy a tour which includes plenty of free time, being well located in a city can make a difference in you getting to the things you’d like to do on your own --  saving you time and money and hence, offering greater value.
Size of Group:
Deluxe tours generally operate smaller-sized groups than less costly options. A deluxe tour often will have anywhere from 18 – 25 people, while a more budget-minded tour will generally try to fill a large motorcoach with 40 – 50 people. Don’t take it as gospel, but find out what the average group size for the type of tour you’re considering might be. Many companies will operate tours with as few as two persons.
Meals Included:
Compare what meals are included. Some tours include most as group meals, and some, by design, include very few. Some tours realize their passengers want to eat out on their own and not as a part of a group. And some tours offer a dine-around program where the meals are pre-paid as part of your tour, but you are able to go to whatever restaurant you like for your main meals.
Sightseeing Included:
Compare what sightseeing is included, and how much free time you’ll have to explore on your own. Some tours, by design, include very little sightseeing to maximize your opportunity to sight see as you wish. Other tours “pack it in,” catering to those that want to be sure they see all or as many of the highlights as possible.
Other Factors:
A guide will make or break a tour. While there are very many good guides, for the most part, the chances of getting a great guide on a deluxe tour are better than on a budget tour. Deluxe tour companies have a greater investment in ensuring the consistency in the quality of the experience they deliver, and will generally pay their best guides more.
Some advantages of an escorted tour
Generally, an escorted tour will cost considerably less than doing a similar tour on one’s own, with savings as much as 45%. That’s because there are cost savings in traveling with a group of people, and the cost of guides, transportation, etc. are pro-rated among the group. Many people also like to socialize with fellow travelers, and meeting others with whom one can share a trip is often rewarding. Finally, by taking an escorted tour, you eliminate a lot of planning and aggravation as to hotel choices, room costs, dining decisions and sightseeing decisions.
Low-down on escorted tours
There are several stereotypes about escorted tours. However, there are so many different types of tours today that no prevailing stereotype really holds true across the board. From walking tours, to cycling tours, to cooking tours, motorcoach tours, women’s tours and so on, the degree of flexibility on each program varies widely, and there are tours for just about every interest. Likewise, the images of being cooped up in an uncomfortable motorcoach has also changed: many coaches offer floor to ceiling windows and ergonomically-designed reclining seats and are a very comfortable way to travel. Another stereotype is that only older travelers take escorted tours. NOT TRUE  The average of "tour guests" depends more on the destination, time of year, interests and, of course, budget.
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