Key Rewards

Key Rewards is the exclusive REBATE PROGRAM for Key Traveler guests.


How it Works.

We book your next cruise or land vacation or escorted tour at the lowest direct price, with all the perks available.

We then ADD to your invoice our Exclusive cash back up to $3,250 based on the price of the trip. Cash Back will be sent by check to your home, NOT a future credit, NOT a gift card, NOT a transportation credit, after your trip is completed as a “Thank You” for booking with us. No forms to fill out.

We have been a trusted travel advisor for over 20 years.

If you think you can find all the deals on the Internet, you have not dealt with Key Traveler. We are Inner Circle members of Travel Leaders, the largest consortia in the U.S.having booked more cruises and tours than all other U.S. travel agencies consortiums. We have deals for you without the hassle of searching hundreds of websites. Click HOME to Search Cruises and Tours or Call 888-KEY-1881.

Booked Direct with a cruise or tour line?. Call us to find out how to SAVE money. 1-888-KEY-1881.

Because prices and promotions can change either lower or higher on any given day, we can only quote current prices on the phone.



You should not have to pay the same price and/or the same promotional amenities that the cruise lines or tour operators charge for direct bookings.

Our Key Traveler Exclusive Rewards program ensures that you receive more value.

Some cruise lines and tour operators allow us to discount off your invoice. In those instances, these will be your Key Rewards. Some cruise lines and tour operators do not allow discounting.

For those suppliers, you will receive a check in the mail, not a credit or a gift card, after your trip is completed as a reward for booking with us. * Tauck Tours and Tauck River Cruises accumulate points in our Key Traveler Club. Ask for details.

Your rewards will be clearly displayed on your Key Traveler invoice once your payment is entered and confirmed by the supplier.

Key Reward amounts are based on the cruise rate or tour rate only. Taxes, fees, hotels, airfare, groups, and loyalty programs are excluded. Key Rewards may be adjusted if your trip cost is reduced after you are confirmed.

Minimum booking amounts may apply. The program is subject to change without notice.